Six months of sensational chocolates
Six months of sensational chocolates
Six months of sensational chocolates
Six months of sensational chocolates
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Six months of sensational chocolates

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This is a perfect, heartfelt gift :

not just once, but 6 times you will remind friends, family, yourself that you think they are brilliant. A gift that keeps on giving!

Each month you, or whoever the lucky one is, will receive a beautiful box of 16 assorted truffles and pralines: always handmade with ethically sourced chocolate and fresh ingredients and no nasties.  A few firm favourites will remain each month, and the rest will change, with flavours from all around the world to delight the taste buds.  There will always be two of each flavour, so, should one so choose to, they can be shared (or hidden!).

Now, click buy and let the chocolate world tour begin!

 *Dietary advice: These chocolates are made in a kitchen which handlesdairy, soya lecithin, nuts, alcohol.

All of our chocolates are made with fresh ingredients, so they need to be eaten within two weeks, and will be at their finest during the first week.  

Your sensational selection of chocolates will be sent out on the 12th of every month with FREE DELIVERY within the UK!!!

* Please note: we do not usually send chocolates during August, due to it being too warm for us to guarantee that chocolates will not start to melt in transit. You will of course still get 6 boxes of chocolates if your subscription time includes July and August, they will just take a little holiday in the summer months. 

You can also choose to pause your deliveries for a month, should you so wish, by giving two weeks notice.