As a life long chocolate enthusiast, I have discovered exactly how incredible chocolate can be, and there's no turning back.  Little Cocoa Company was formed with the sole focus on making the most delicious chocolate imaginable.

In each subscription box you will find 16 spectacular truffles and pralines made with the highest quality, ethically sourced, sustainable chocolate and fresh ingredients .

As well as being a master of chocolate, I am also a linguist and in love with travel, and I present you with a love letter to both of these passions. 

Whilst you are stuck at home these chocolates will travel for you  I believe that excellent flavour writes itself into memories. These subscription boxes are a like a nostalgic comfort blanket for the world we are in right now, and all the chocolate possibilities that are ripe for the picking. 

Each month's box will whisk your palate to a different country for you to enjoy the delicacies of the land. Alongside a few firms favourites, each box will contain special edition chocolates inspired by a countries' cuisine. A virtual wander through the food markets of the world, 

Expect exceptional truffles and pralines made with ethically traded, sustainable chocolate, fresh natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives to mask their excellence. 

This is a perfect pick me up for yourself, or an astonishingly lovely keeps-on-giving gift for a friend or loved one.

All packaging is plastic free, fully recyclable, and quite beautiful. We carbon offset your delivery and donate a percentage of our profits to  anti-slavery projects. 

Eat chocolate, do good.